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Allons-y, Let's ask me!   Hey everybody! I'm glad to "meet" you, I'm Francesca and I'm from Pisa. I'm a 20-year- old geek and nerd student. David Tennant always invades my mind...I think I could really fall in love with him! I'm Cinema, Drama and Musical addicted and I love ART! I play in theatres. when I'm on stage I feel better and I see a colourful world. Whovian and Gleek, I have been loving Heath Ledger since I "met" him on tv, watching "a knight's tale", when I was 9, and I miss him very much.
I usually take some photos and I love music, too! Expecially Queen, Beatles, Coldplay, Michael Jackson, MIKA and GLEE.
TV series addicted: #DoctorWho #ER #NoahWyleAsDrCarter #FallingSkies #Terranova #OnceUponATime #Glee and many others. My dream is to become a good actress or a Patch Adams style - doctor to practise CLOWN CARE AND help children ❤

Who wants some cake? 
Tenth Doctor approves! XD

Who wants some cake?
Tenth Doctor approves! XD

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