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Allons-y, Let's ask me!   Hey everybody! I'm glad to "meet" you, I'm Francesca and I'm from Pisa. I'm a 20-year- old geek and nerd student. David Tennant always invades my mind...I think I could really fall in love with him! I'm Cinema, Drama and Musical addicted and I love ART! I play in theatres. when I'm on stage I feel better and I see a colourful world. Whovian and Gleek, I have been loving Heath Ledger since I "met" him on tv, watching "a knight's tale", when I was 9, and I miss him very much.
I usually take some photos and I love music, too! Expecially Queen, Beatles, Coldplay, Michael Jackson, MIKA and GLEE.
TV series addicted: #DoctorWho #ER #NoahWyleAsDrCarter #FallingSkies #Terranova #OnceUponATime #Glee and many others. My dream is to become a good actress or a Patch Adams style - doctor to practise CLOWN CARE AND help children ❤

-I’m not leaving ‘til this is solved.
-You don’t have a choice, as soon as he sees you you’re done, Alec. Why did you take this job if you knew you were this ill?

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DT Appreciation Week - Day 01 - Pick a Feature
Facial hair…lip…neck… I’m not entirely sure what this became in the end.

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How I feel when someone says something stupid



How I feel when someone says something stupid

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Happy Tennant Tuesday!!!♥♥♥

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Do you see yonder cloud that’s almost in shape of a camel?

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Just a few of my favourite DT gifs for itspotterwholock to enjoy thoroughly (mostly the first and eighth :) )

People ask me why do I love David Tennant… THAT’S WHY:
He’s a human being. A wonderful one..

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If you think about it this gif is a perfect response for everything

for example:

"Why didn’t you do your homework?"

"Who is your crush?"

"What are you doing later tonight?"

"Why did you sacrifice your friends soul to Satan?"

"Who are you gonna marry when you get older?"

"What do you do besides go on tumblr all day and watch tv?"

"Why don’t you go outside?"

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Was this the face that faced so many follies,
And was at last out-faced by Bolingbroke?

Photographs by Zuleika Henry

I miss that moment with you, David… I miss you so much… I miss London from the bottom of my heart, I miss my best friend and me THERE
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Doctor Who 3D Glasses